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Real Time
Thickness Monitoring

GUMPS is the first continuous, real-time pipeline monitoring system in the world that can work even at extreme temperatures. The system is capable of detecting corrosion as well as corrosion rates at any point of a pipeline for a range of up to 60 metres from a fixed point.

High Temparature Transducers

High Temperature
IIOT Transducers

GUMPS works with state of art IIOT model. Data comes to a central server, wherein an intelligent software analyses the data and generates automatic alerts. The system is designed to work up to 300 C.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Drone
Based Inspection

NOCTUA is the first truly intelligent drone, that can be automated for inspection of any specific asset. It not only provides data but also recognizes the anomalies and faults in it through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Continuous Inspection

Internal Asset

NOCTUA has been designed with a unique positioning system that enables it to conduct automated collision free internal inspections. This saves crucial time current used for scaffolding erection and dismantling.

Continuous Inspection

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