Marketing Associate (Product Manager)

Job description

Detect Technologies is building a Global Marketing team based out of our Chennai office, that will be responsible for building marketing campaigns, creating landing pages and tracking the effectiveness of all the marketing campaigns driven by the Business and Sales team

Duties & Responsibilities

•	Work closely with our Web Ops team/ outsourced Web dev teams to revamp the website and create responsive landing pages and email templates for all products in Detect’s portfolio. Guide and plan search engine optimisation for keywords relevant to Detect’s products.
•	Create landing pages for marketing campaigns and help drive visitors through inbound marketing efforts
•	Build marketing campaigns that are aligned with the respective Sales team’s objectives, optimize and analyse campaign results 
•	Set up company branding on media platforms such as LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook, Twitter etc.
•	Collaborate with Technology teams for creating technology awareness through online content for Detect’s customers 

Qualifications & Experience

•	1 to 3 years of experience in creating and managing marketing campaigns
•	Basic understanding of HTML and CSS to guide web-design of Detect’s website and product landing pages
•	Good communication skills and an eye for detail

Preferred skills & Knowledge

•	Hands-on experience in using marketing automation applications such as Hubspot, Marketo or Eloqua
•	A good understanding of tracking leads journey and setting up nurture campaigns to assist the leads/customers through the sales funnel
•	Ability to communicate effectively with cross-functional teams
•	Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with exceptional attention to detail and sound execution skills

Application Form

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