Operation Quality Manager

Job description

Devising procedures to inspect and report quality assurance issues. Monitoring all operations that affect quality. Supervising and guiding Pilots, Inspectors, technicians and other staff

Duties & Responsibilities

1.	Interacting with Business Development and Delivery personnel on a regular basis
2.	Receiving and collecting all documents related to job on field and execution 
3.	Receiving monthly progress documents from all employees
4.	Preparing ratings for all deliveries on field
5.	Releasing the reimbursements/travel allowance/DA and TA and certifying the same for delivery on field. 
6.	Managing complaints for all employees
7.     Monitoring Field Attendance
8.    Monitor the completion of tasks and ensure good performance and record on appropriate systems.
9.   Communicate with personnel at all levels, internally and externally to the
Company, in relation to Quality matters.
10. Monthly Report - All Monthly Operation Status. 
11. Review, implement and update company records e.g. training matrices, performance reviews & risk assessments

Qualifications & Experience

1.	BA/BSc/BE/B.Tech/MBA from any field
2.	Good communicator
3.	Proficient in using computer system, whats app, MS word, MS excel and MS power point. 

Preferred skills & Knowledge

1.	Excellent leadership and man- management skills
2.	Excellent interpersonal skills
3.	Ability to manage a variety of cross-functional team members
4.	Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills
5.    Dedicated to work and willing to work when ever it presents itself. 

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